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Looking for Real Estate Agent? 

Cindy Lin Real Estate Team gets most of the business from REFERRALs.  Why? Because we provide the most trustworthy service to our clients, and our clients love us.  Email or call us today to find out more details. We offer free Buyer's Consultation and Listing Presentation to walk you through the home purchasing/listing process.

Why Cindy Lin Real Estate Team?


  • High quality service and fast response

  • Honesty and Integrity

  • Excellent negotiation skills

  • Using Hi-Tech to help you find houses quickly

  • Speaks English, Chinese (Mandarin), Taiwanese

Cindy Lin Realtor Cupertino Agent

Client Testimonials

I highly recommend Cindy as your realtor. Cindy helped me in purchasing my recent home. Because of her, the process was smooth and swift. She was very dedicated in assisting me with price comparables and assessments. She devoted much of her time and efforts to help me get the house I wanted in the tight timeline I gave her. She did a great job in convincing the seller's agent and sellers that I was a serious buyer that should be considered over other buyers. In fact, she managed to persuade the sellers to consider and accept my offer way before the deadline to submit offers. The real estate market in the Bay Area has been a hot seller's market, so I was glad to have Cindy there to help me every step of the way. She got me the first house that I made an offer. Cindy is also a very detail-oriented person. During the closing process, she went over all the paperwork with me and pointed out things that needed to be addressed. Cindy also followed up and took care of some issues that I had after moving in and saw to it that I was satisfied with my new home. Overall, I think Cindy is very knowledgeable, honest, responsible and dependable.

Rose L.



I really love Cindy! She is very professional, patient, detailed, and most of all, she gives me the honest feeling of the house and not just trying to make the deal done as soon as possible!  ... (See More)

Angel Y.



灣區的房價一直再往上飆漲,令想買房的人真是害怕,但是房租又貴,一直把錢往外丟也不是辦法!! 終於牙一咬頭期款有著落了,可是問題又來了,好房好學區大家都想搶也都搶得兇,說白點也就是比誰的口袋深,想搶也搶不過這些有錢人,真是頭痛!! 但是我們很幸運的遇到Cindy 和Yentin, 她們很有耐心的幫我們依照我們可負擔的價位及要求一間一間的找房,帶我們去看房!! 很快地在第二次下標,我們得標了!!真是太開心了!!本來我以為我會為了要跟對手拚而要多花一萬塊美金,沒想到Cindy很沉的住氣叫我們忍住等屋主下一個動作之後再伺機而動,結果因為屋主喜歡Cindy和Yentin她們幫我們設計的下標宣傳, 她們幫我們得標成功~~~~~~~~!!!實在是太感謝她們了!! 當然買房之後還是有很多的不懂,也因為她們多方的幫忙及解說,讓我們節省了很多時間和精力!! 我們一家人心裡充滿了感謝!

Lilin C.



Very knowledgeable & honest realtor. Cindy helped me sell my old house and purchased my new home in the Bay Area, Cindy has a lot of connections and provided me all the resources I need to make the decision and always fast responded. I would highly recommend to anyone whom's interesting to sell their home and home seekers in the Bay Area.

Jeff L.



我的买房经历-评Cindy Lin Realty Team非常感谢Cindy Lin的团队,你们的认真负责和专业知识,帮我们买到了称心如意的好房子! ...(See More)

Peter L.

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